Execute with excellence.
a Diversified Entertainment Company With Businesses Spanning Music, Media, and Technology. We Partner With Companies, Artists, Investors and Filmmakers to Build Products, Strengthen Careers, and Stage World-Class Experiences That Engage Customers, Drive Revenue, and Surpass Your Competitors.
Big ideas + Remarkable execution
Monarrch, Style Rights Engine
Monarrch is a content rights management system revolutionizing the way AI models are trained. Our innovative Style Transfer Engine is a secure and efficient platform, simplifying the process for intellectual property owners.
The Sync Center is a full-service music supervision and licensing company.
Trusted by Fortune 50 companies, Filmmakers, Ad Executives, Networks, and Major Film Studios. The Sync Center is a full-service music supervision and licensing company that has managed projects for hundreds of clients including national and global brands, agencies and cultural events.
ArtistWerx - an execution company
We partner with for action takers, moment makers and record breakers to provide infrastructure, marketing, execution and monetization in the rapidly changing media industry. We create products and experiences to engage your customers, drive revenue, build careers and surpass your competitors.
Evidence based career building tools and training
Hacking Music is a training & execution platform that can help you align & monetize your talent and ability. Our mission is to serve the world by strengthening the next generation of artists and help you connect with the people that care the most [ your fans ]
Xpansv - Xperieces
Xperieces that move the world. We Shorten the Distance Between Artists and their Friends, Fans and Followers.
We make people happy by astounding fans with experiences they love to pay for.